From personal reflections to public reflections.

Hey guys, It’s been a while. After LEO’s fibromyalgia walk I decided to take a break and give my body what it’s been begging me for, rest. While taking my break we (the LEO team) have regrouped and we thought long and hard on which way I want to take my blog & vlogs. Blogs are great because you get good information and content. However, I personally feel vlogs are better for me because everyone can get a feel of my personality and it gives me a break from typing…. Ha ha ha Some of you may know that I

22 Fibro Hacks I Live By

Hey guys! So coming off of a week of vacation (months of planning the walk, it was due!), I had some time to think of ways I could help you when I got back. And as I was talking with my husband about ideas, I thought of something! I could share some fibro hacks that I carry out daily or weekly. I know everyone’s struggle is different but I wanted to share some of my heart with you. Hopefully these help! 1. When have energy to go on a walk, I wear a waist trainer to help keep my back

The Aftermath

So, the walk is over. It is quite bittersweet, with the bitter part of course stemming from fibro. We had an awesome turnout and it was such an amazing experience! We even had plenty of people come up to us and ask what we were doing and got the opportunity to educate them! We had food, face painting, picture stations, and several other fun activities. All the stress and flares from planning this event seemed like it paid off. I was able to enjoy it, especially since I did some acupuncture beforehand to prep this body for a day full