The Right Fit

Hey Guys, If you’ve been following my journey, then you guys know that I have Fibromyalgia. Well since having fibromyalgia, my feet & ankles are extremely tender. I’ve been forced to resort to what I call “old lady shoes”,the shoes that usually seniors wear. Brands I found that have a little something for both seniors and the younger generation are Aerosoles, Naturalizer & Clarks. Those are the ones I’ve found so far that work well with my feet and ankles (for the most part). I’ve found a few fashionable styles within those brands, but the styles I like the best

Pain Changes People

Those who suffer from chronic pain everyday understands or can relate to this title. Those who don’t, this is to help you understand more of what it is like. We all know that I’ve been dealing with pain for a few years now, 7 to be exact. Through these 7 years I’ve changed so much and I want to share the most important ways I have! First – I’ve become closer to God. Everyone that knows me knows that I’ve never stepped foot in a church or believed in a church. Now, I believe wholeheartedly that God exists and I

A Husband’s Monologue on Fibromyalgia.

Michelle Morales from Living Extra-Ordinary Awareness was able to convince her husband to go on camera and open up about his feelings and how he copes with her illness. This has been a journey for the entire family and as Michelle always says, “This illness or any illness does not only affect the diagnosed person, It affects the entire family”. I hope that this interview spreads awareness on this horrible illness and helps those going through the same situation. Together we can make a difference by educating others on how fibromyalgia affects our lives. It saddens me to hear people