Moving Into a Home… Or Moving a Mountain?

Fibro can make even simple tasks hard to endure. So, you can imagine (and many of you know from experience) how overwhelming it is to move to a new home! I want to share my experience from my recent move, in hopes that I can encourage you all through daunting tasks, such as a move. What I always do before taking on a stressful task is preplan. I just moved in a couple of weeks ago, but I have been packing since early November. It wasn’t anything too major, just packing minor decorations, some clothes I wouldn’t be wearing, and

There’s Always Lipstick

Let’s talk about motivation. We all need something that picks us up and makes us feel good about ourselves throughout the day. This “something” can be a variety of different hobbies! Mine, specifically, is makeup. I love having a full face of art on my face through the day. So, I would like to take some time to explain to you why I use makeup to prepare myself for the day! If I had to pick a favorite brand, I wouldn’t! I love so many, that it is truly hard to choose. My top favorites are Urban Decay’s eyeshadows and