Statement Wooden Bag!!

Hey loves….. I really wanted to shine a light on statements bags. So, let’s talk about this beauty. OMG!!! Isn’t she beautiful??? I think so…. I’ve seen many bloggers with the Cult ark wood bag lately. LINK BELOW: But, unfortunately I couldn’t afford the price tag of $130.00, right now. That’s okay because, someone always comes out with a similar item at a lower price point. Then when you ARE ready to purchase the original, GO FOR IT!. You just need to keep an eye out and continue your search…. Sometimes you’re not so lucky but this time I was!

Staple wardrobe pieces that are must haves in any girls closet! ;-)

Make it work!! (click on pics for links!)    Fashion is usually non-existent when you’re chronically ill. You don’t have energy to even get out of bed & shower because you’re in so much pain most mornings, let alone plan a whole outfit. For some, it’s second nature to select a fashion forward outfit and for others it’s a job in itself. I’m going to try my best to show you some simple fashion forward outfits without the hassle. I’ll show you some basic must have pieces for any wardrobe. Let’s keep it simple and easy with a  “white fitted

Fake It Till You Make It

Like the title hints, I want to talk about “faking it till you make it”. Most days, I feel like a walking disaster because of fibro. But sometimes I try my best to make others feel comfortable by putting on a smile and turning on the charm. People think us spoonies are so delicate, and truth be told, we are. That can scare most people and make them feel uncomfortable, which in return, makes us feel uncomfortable. tip toeing around my feelings when others ask is very tiring. I even spare how I’m feeling to my husband, simply because I