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Hey guys welcome back. 
Today’s topic is going to be on knowing the signs on fibromyalgia and your symptoms. Please keep in mind these are my own experiences and what I’ve learned throughout the years. 
Keeping a journal is such an important key. That’s doesn’t only apply for fibromyalgia, that apply to all illnesses. If you keep track of your symptoms, when you get them, when are your worst pain days, good pain days, keep track of everything you feel. This way it makes a Doctor life easier because they get to know and understand your issue. Not everyone will have the same symptoms. 
You need to know the signs of fibromyalgia. 

You need to know the symptoms and your symptoms. 

keep a Journal or a note in your calendar or notepad. 

May close attention to your triggers (what can cause the pain to be higher)

Listen to your body. Give it test when it screams for it. (TRUST ME, I’ve experienced it)
Below, I have included some links to signs/ symptoms, triggers, and helpful apps to track your pain. I hope these can be helpful in managing your fibro and can better help you and your doctors work together on managing. I know it can be scary to be unaware of what is happening with your body, and with how unpredictable fibro can be, it is scary not be certain whether your day will be decent or a disaster. But this is exactly what the fibro community is for. Helping each other stay educated and encouraged. I highly encourage you all take a moment to check out these links, especially the tracker. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and don’t forget to listen to your bodies!
Gentle hugs,

Michelle xoxo
Signs and Symptoms


 Pain Apps and Trackers 

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