Fall Fashion Is In The Air!

As I prepare for fall I can’t help but get anxious about the cooler weather. With fibromyalgia you just never know how your body will respond to the cooler months. Sometimes the change of temperature really puts me in a flare and causes more pain and sometimes I hold up ok. The only way I stay hopeful through the cool months is, fall fashion and the holidays..

It’s something about the crisp morning air, the smell of fall and Starbucks pumpkin spice that I just simply love. It reminds me of back to school weather in NYC. In Orlando we get fall weather a little later than normal. We tend to cool down in October but it’s still too warm to layer on clothes. Our winter is basically fall. So while I’m on fall fashion everyone else is in winter. That’s okay because I HATE winter and how much the cold hurts my body. So, I’m good. 😉

You know you are  from NYC when you look forward to layer jackets, cardigans, sweaters and shirts.

Fall colors are my favorite! I just love hunter greens, burgundy and greys. Yea I threw grey in there! I’m a hardcore grey lover for years. My kids would ask me, mom- what’s your favorite color?  My first response is black. Then they complain that black doesn’t count because it’s not a color color, whatever that means. Then I would say, grey. They usually get upset and say nevermind because they should’ve known better then to ask me that question. All they had to do was look in my closet and they got their answer….Hey what can I say, I’m a simple girl.


Over the years I’ve grown to love pops of color and get out of my comfort zone a little. So, I have been playing around with color from time to time but my heart will always be set on fall colors. Another thing I love about fall is, it’s blazer and moccasin season… YAY!!! Woot woot. It’s the little things that make me happy. 🙂   


I just scored some new moccasins that I had my eyes on from Aerosoles. Since I’m a frugal shopper, I jumped on the sale. I decided on grabbing one with a pop of color, yellow and a nude pair. You can NEVER go wrong with a nude shoe. They were on sale for $23 and I didn’t pay for shipping, thanks to my rewards. If you’re like me and have sensitive feet, try these shoes. The leather is super soft and they’re memory foam. They’re chic too. Thank me later.

Here’s the link to the shoes. Though these aren’t on sale anymore, I also put the link to the sale page so you can find similar styles for lower prices!  Can’t go wrong with a quality shoe for $23 bucks. That’s a double win in my book.









Let me know what you think?


As always love, light and gentle hugs.


Michelle xoxo


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