Puerto Rico

Hey guys. I know it has been a while since I wrote something and I wanted to give you all an update. All the tragedies that have been happening lately have all affected me deeply. Especially the devastation of Puerto Rico, my motherland. It is something that can make us feel so helpless. But I decided to stand up and do something. I have partnered with a few organizations to raise money and support for the families that are relocating away from Puerto Rico. One organization is United Way foundation, and they provide funding to regional branches for relief efforts, as well as promoting the rule of being kind to one another throughout tragic processes. I am also working with 365 Jeep Life. They are focused on the conservation of Puerto Rican culture and committed to efforts in serving the community. They have non-profit organization called Boricuas Unidos Por Puerto Rico, who are a group of Jeep enthusiasts holding strong interests in making positive impacts in their communities such as serving in relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

So as most of my fellow spoonies know, chaos can definitely affect fibro intensely. I have had so many bad fibro days lately because of all the devastation going on and my body is overwhelmed. I’ve also been in the process of doing nerve blocks in my lumbar area. If you’ve had those you know it’s no fun at all…. That is why I have been absent! Between meeting with these organizations as well as working my fulltime job, I just get home and feel the fibro wrath come down. But I wanted everyone to be aware of what is going on and hopefully, if anyone wants to help they can. We have an event coming up here in Orlando on October 19, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Improv (Chuckles for Puerto Rico) which all the proceeds will go directly to help families that have relocated due to hurricane Maria. Thank you to all my supporters, I truly appreciate you all!!

So please keep me in your prayers as I try my best to help the people in Puerto Rico during this terrible time.

Gentle hugs, love & light.



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