Staple wardrobe pieces that are must haves in any girls closet! ;-)

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   Fashion is usually non-existent when you’re chronically ill. You don’t have energy to even get out of bed & shower because you’re in so much pain most mornings, let alone plan a whole outfit. For some, it’s second nature to select a fashion forward outfit and for others it’s a job in itself. I’m going to try my best to show you some simple fashion forward outfits without the hassle. I’ll show you some basic must have pieces for any wardrobe.

Let’s keep it simple and easy with a  “white fitted t-shirt or tank top”.

  T-shirt is from Target



   This is such basic item and you can find anywhere but it’s such a versatile piece and a must have in any wardrobe. You can dress this up or dress it down for a casual look. You can wear this with slacks & a blazer, a pencil skirt or a killer pair of jeans or shorts.

   You wear this to the office or a dinner date. You can pair it up with a nice long necklace, a choker or a scarf. No matter where you wear this depending on how you dress it up, you will always look clean, chic and trendy.




   I created this look using Polyvore app. This app is helpful to help you pre plan looks on your down days. Check it out it’s really cool. You can organize your closet in digital form this way you can see what you have a create a look right from your bed…. Thank me later 😉 XOXO


   Next, a nice pair of Distressed Jeans or a simple pair of jeans.

These are from Target… They’re my favorite jeans. I literally have them in all colors because the cut if perfect for me. I’m short so it’s hard for me to find the right pair of jeans that do not need alterations.

The distressed jeans are from Fashion Nova – I’m sorry i can’t find them but there’s so many to choose from

   Jeans are another staple wardrobe piece. The distressed look is allllll the way in and I’m loving it. The lovely thing about distressed jeans is that they’re so simple to make. Grab a pair of scissors and cut & rib away. The older the jeans, the more the wash the with the cuts, the better it looks.You can even cut an old pair of jeans into distressed shorts (another fave this summer). I’m a jeans type of girl and it’s hard for me to part with them during the summer. So this summer I’ve fallen in love with the distress shorts.

   Moving on to an outwear piece. A Trench coat, Jean Jacket, Moto Jacket or Blazer. I feel every girl needs to have one or a few of these pieces in their wardrobe. Especially during fall and winter when these pieces are a must. When looking for these pieces, always try and look for something unique about them. Weather it’s the style or color, a pop of color is ALWAYS a good idea. You can always dress up your outfit with a blazer or moto jacket, very trendy!


The grey trench is from SheIn official

The moto jacket is from pinterest


Last on my list to spruce up your fashion life, Accessories!!! EVERY girl needs accessories….

It’s the easiest way to shake up any outfit. The right accessories can take your outfit from blah, to WOW, with some simple pieces. I have my everyday simple items, but I have a ton of different pieces and i’m always on the hunt for new inexpensive steals. I get lucky at Zara, Forever 21, New York & CO, Charming Charlie, and this cute online boutique Frugalfindsnyc. Those are my favorite stores to shop for accessories.  Below are a few of my pieces. I’ll tag where i purchased them and if they’re still available, I’ll plugin the link for you. (click pic)

These are from SheIn official


These hoops are from Forever21 – They’re no longer available but they have some other pretty options. Check these out


I believe i purchased this from Frugal Finds NYC a few years back. I can’t seem to find a link for it. SORRY GUYS!!


This Bid is from Forever 21 – It’s no longer available because I purchased this a few years back. They have some other options here

Ladies, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. I know i’m sick and trust me, there’s days that I will walk out in leggings and Leo awareness t-shirt. But most days, I put effort into my look. It’s all up you…. Do you want to allow your illness to steal your joy or not?? I, for one, will not allow my illness to make me look like i’m playing a role in the walking dead, unless i’m getting paid. Lol 😉 Believe me, I have my days,  we all do and that’s okay. Sleep it off and get up the next looking like you’re walking in NY fashion week 😉 I hope this helps…. If you need help, email me options and I’ll help you put something together. Just have fun! Fashion has no rules or boundaries. There is no right way, make it your own. Leave me comments below, dm’s or emails with what you want to see next. I have a simple makeup tutorial coming up on my blog & YouTube, so look out for that. Don’t forget to subscribe and you can keep up with what’s going on.

Hugs, kisses & gentle hugs,




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