Fake It Till You Make It

Like the title hints, I want to talk about “faking it till you make it”. Most days, I feel like a walking disaster because of fibro. But sometimes I try my best to make others feel comfortable by putting on a smile and turning on the charm. People think us spoonies are so delicate, and truth be told, we are. That can scare most people and make them feel uncomfortable, which in return, makes us feel uncomfortable. tip toeing around my feelings when others ask is very tiring. I even spare how I’m feeling to my husband, simply because I don’t want to scare him. So instead, I default to an “I’m okay” attitude. It can be so exhausting, because now since everyone thinks I’m okay, their expectations can be higher than what I can manage at that particular time. You can only fake the good days for so long.

Another aspect of the “faking” comes from a totally different place. That place is where sometimes people don’t genuinely care. That may be harsh, but we all know it is a reality. I try to be careful with who I go into deep conversation about my fibro with. Some people just want to ask so they can say they know what I’m going through, or they change the subject quickly. My pain is what drives me to educate people and bring awareness, so I just want to treat it preciously. I’m not just a walking fibro advertisement. My pain is real. Our pain is real. All I want with my journey is to bring awareness and built a strong community of fighters.


With all that said, I want to encourage everyone. It’s okay to fake the “good” days sometimes. We all do it. But don’t let it get to the point that you are hurting yourself and missing an opportunity to educate someone or aren’t getting the help and support you need. Fibro is scary, there’s no denying. But you have to take it by the horns and make it your own. Stay strong guys.

With gentle hugs and positive vibes always,



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