With such a heavy heart!

Hey guys, I just wanted to send a quick note.

I don’t want to go off topic but this has affected me deeply and has hit very close to home. I want to send my deepest condolences to the victims and families involved in the Pulse Night Club Shooting. This is such a tragedy and a senseless act that affected the world. I will continue to pray for peace in this world and healing for the victims, families and “all” affected in this tragedy.
When I heard the news on Sunday morning, I was just in shock, just in disbelief. The next morning, I quickly got on the phone and started making phone calls to my vendors, customers, family and friends. Calling around to see who wanted to help us make a difference. With everything we’ve collected we were able to donate cases of water, donuts and coffee to the hospital’s waiting rooms. We donated funds to many gofundme accounts for the victims. In this process I got to see many people’s true colors and was not very pleased to say the least. I was also lucky to meet a few great people with huge hearts and made a friend out of one. The love and compassion that I’ve seen from people these past few days gives me hope that humanity is not extinct. We will prevail! #OrlandoUnite

Sorry this is late! I was out of commission the entire week due to all the emotional stress and over working my body. Unfortunately, my body went into a flare after all the chaos from the beginning of the week. Still getting over it but feeling much better.

Sending you all love, light and strength to get through this difficult time.



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