My first Fibro Walk!

Hey guys,

This is my first blog…. I’m nervous and excited. Nervous because I’ve never done this before. Excited because I’m happy to share my journey and inspire others to continue fighting every day.

I’m happy to announce yesterday was our first fibromyalgia walk. It was amazing! I was able to meet new fibro friends and speak with others regarding awareness, advocating and healing. I was not feeling well yesterday morning and tried my best to shake it off but unfortunately that did not work without pain medication. I hate taking pain medication or any medication for that matter but that’s the only way I can function as a normal person. I know many of you know what I mean when I say “normal person”. The excitement I felt fueled my day yesterday. I felt beyond loved and supported. The fact that my family and friends took time out of their beautiful Saturday afternoon to walk with me side by side for a cause that has affected my life was an amazing feeling I can’t describe. Overall the day turned out great but as usual I pushed my limits.

The temperatures were so hot here in Orlando, they reached the high 90’s yesterday. We were under a pavilion but the air was so humid. I felt fine during the walk but after I was feeling woozy, nauseous, hot flashes, dizzy. That’s, when I arrived to the restaurant to eat dinner with my team, I ended up in the ladies’ room hugging the toilet. After I vomited I felt a slight better, I just wanted to get home and lay down. I was drained!

My plans are to host a walk in 2017 here in Central Florida but I defiantly need to work on things before hand so I don’t use all my spoons. I will keep everyone posted on the upcoming events that I will be involved in and would love to see you all there. We must all come together to bring awareness.

As I always say, together we stand, together we fight and together we make a difference.

Until next time,

My support system

My support system

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  1. You are making a difference not only for you but for others suffering from this. I would have known more about this if my sister would have spoken to me about it. But its ok, I now learn with you. I appreciate ll the information you have given and i have read.
    Keep up the good work. With gods will, i hope and pray that i can join you in next years activity. Keep up the good work sis. Luv you

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