End of the year update!

Hey guys, So many of you have emailed or reached out through social sites to check on me and I truly appreciate it. I have been missing in action on my blog, Instagram, Snapchat and facebook. I truly apologize to those who support and look forward to reading my posts and are genuinely interested in my life and well-being. Well, the reason is I have been completely overwhelmed with everything going on in life and i just needed a break from it all. So many things have happened back to back. Well, most of you know I own my own

Know your limits!!! 

Hey guys welcome back.  Today’s topic is going to be on knowing the signs on fibromyalgia and your symptoms. Please keep in mind these are my own experiences and what I’ve learned throughout the years.  Keeping a journal is such an important key. That’s doesn’t only apply for fibromyalgia, that apply to all illnesses. If you keep track of your symptoms, when you get them, when are your worst pain days, good pain days, keep track of everything you feel. This way it makes a Doctor life easier because they get to know and understand your issue. Not everyone will

Marriage and Chronic Illness

Hey guys,   Welcome back. Today’s topic is a very tough topic for me because I am a very private person with my marriage. A question I get asked a lot is, “How do you make your marriage work while battling fibromyalgia?”  Well first I have to be completely honest; it’s hard as hell. Marriage in itself is difficult, and takes a lot of love, hard work, dedication, commitment, patience, sacrifice and did I say a lot of  love??? Oh yea, I did. Lots and lots of love and understanding. I’m the type of person that always puts myself in